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Fish Rescue

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This is a simple but equally addictive online underwater game that true fish lovers will love. Here you have to do everything possible to save the underground inhabitants. To do this, you need to use all available tools. In this puzzle, you have to destroy predators with a regular stick. You can also use other handy tools.
Develop your skills and solve various puzzle problems to save the beautiful fish in the aquarium from death. If you want to keep your beloved pets, you must act quickly. You need to become a real master of solving puzzles and overcoming all the obstacles in your path. You must think through each step in detail to achieve your goal. You need to test your abilities and enjoy what is happening on the screen. Everything is only in your hands. You need to act decisively. Enjoy beautiful graphics in parallel. It attracts your attention from the first minutes, not allowing you to abandon the gameplay.

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